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Google would have to charge SEOs for the exams

27. Oct 2011

SEO Services in London

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15. Feb 2014

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1. Apr 2017

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The algorithms that run paid search advertising are complex, but relatively static. Yes, Google does make changes to how AdWords works, or introduce new features, but those happen relatively infrequently. So updating the curriculum and exams is not a huge task. The search algorithms, on the other hand, change constantly. One Googler has been quoted as saying there are “thousands of updates to the algorithm each year.” Updating curriculum and exams would be a constant and labor-intensive job.

For any SEO certification program to be accurate and meaningful, Google might have to reveal more about their search algorithms and how they work than they are prepared to do. Just listen to public interviews of anyone from Google Search and compare them with interviews of AdWords representatives. While the AdWords folks are often able to give clear, straightforward answers to almost any question about their service, the Search reps often have to be more circumspect. It’s not that the Search employees are inherently less giving people. Rather, they understand how easily any information they provide could be misunderstood, or worse, used to game the system.

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